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Holiday House at Coast, overlooking Loch Ewe by Gordon C. Harrison



The Achnashellach and Torridon Hills
Name Height Map Grid Ref Access point Time per group
Moruisg 3045ft/928m OS25 101499
Sgurr nan Cleannaichean 3002ft/915m OS25 087481 Glen Carron 4-6 hours
Maoile Lunndiadh 3304ft/1007m OS25 135458
Sgurr a'Chaorachain 3455ft/1053m OS25 087447
Sgurr Choinnich 3277ft/999m OS25 076446 Craig 8-12 hours
Bidein a'Choire Sheasgaich 3100ft/945m OS25 049413
Lurg Mhor 3235ft/986m OS25 165405 Craig 8-12 hours
Beinn Liath Mhor 3035ft/925m OS25 964520
Sgorr Ruadh 3150ft/960m OS25 959504 Achnashellach 5-8 hours
Maol Chean-Dearg 3061ft/933m OS25 924498 Coulags 3-5 hours
Fionn Bheinn 3061ft/933m OS20/25 147621 Achnasheen 3-5 hours
Beinn Alligin 3232ft/985m OS19/24 866613 Coire Mhic Nobuil bridge car park 4-6 hours
Beinn Eighe 3314ft/1010m OS19/25 951611 Car park on A896 4-6 hours
Liathach 3458ft/1054m OS25 929580
Mullach an Rathain 3356ft/1023m OS25 912577 A896 (936566) 5-8 hours
The Dundonnell and Fisherfield Hills
Name Height Map Grid Ref Access point Time per group
Slioch 3215ft/980m OS19 005688 Incheril, Kinlochewe 6-9 hours
Ruadh Stac Mor 3012ft/918m OS19 018756
A'Mhaighdean 3173ft/967m OS19 008749 Poolewe 10-14 hrs
Beinn a'Chalaidheimh 3000ft/914m OS19 061775
Sgurr Ban 3245ft/989m OS19 055745
Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair 43ft/1019m OS19 052735
Beinn Tarsuinn 3071ft/936m OS19 039727 Shenavall 8-12 hours
An Teallach 3474ft/1059m OS19 064837
Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill 3483ft/1062m OS19 069844 Dundonnell 6-10 hours
Fannichs and Ullapool Hills
Name Height Map Grid Ref Access point Time per group
An Coileachan 3028ft/923m OS20 241680
Meall Gorm 3113ft/949m OS20 221696
Sgurr Mor 3645ft/1111m OS20 203718
Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich 3130ft/954m OS20 219724
Meall a'Chrasgaidh 3064ft/934m OS20 184733
Sgurr nan Claich Geala 3586ft/1093m OS20 184715
Sgurr nan Each 3028ft/923m OS20 184697 Fannich Lodge 8-12 hours
A'Chailleach 3277ft/999m OS19/20 136714
Sgurr Breac 158711 OS19/20 158711 A832 (161761) 5-8 hours
Ben Wyvis 3432ft/1046m OS20 463684 Garbat 6-10 hours
Am Faochagach 3130ft/954m OS20 304794 A835 (276743) 4-6 hours
Beinn Dearg 3556ft/1084m OS20 259812
Cona'Mheall 3215ft/980m OS20 275816
Meall nan Ceapraichean 3205ft/977m OS20 257826
Eididh nan Clach Geala 3045ft/928m OS20 257843 Inverlael 7-11 hours
Seana Bhraigh 3041ft/927m OS20 281879 Inverlael 7-10 hours


Achnashellach, Torridon and Applecross
Name Height Map Grid Ref Access point Time per group
Meallan nan Uan 2755ft/840m OS25 264545
Sgurr a'Mhuilinn 2884ft/879m OS25 265558 Strathanmore 4-6 hours
Bac an Eich 2787ft/849m OS25 222489 Inverchoran 4-6 hours
An Sidhean 2670ft/814m OS25 171454 Loch Monar Dam 4-7 hours
Beinn Tharsuinn 2830ft/863m OS25 055433
Sgorr na Feartaig 2827ft/862m OS25 055454 Craig, Glen Carron 5-8 hours
Beinn Dronaig 2615ft/797m OS25 037382 Attadale 2-4 hours
Fuar Tholl 2976ft/907m OS25 975489 Achnashellach Station 5-7 hours
An Ruadh-stac 2926ft/892m OS25 922481 Coulags 5-8 hours
Sgurr a'Chaorachain 2598ft/792m OS24 797417 Bealach na Ba road 3-5 hours
Beinn Bhan 2939ft/896m OS24 804450 River Kishorn bridge 5-8 hours
Beinn Damh 2959ft/902m OS24 893502 Loch Torridon Hotel 5-7 hours
Sgorr nan Lochan Uaine 2863ft/873m OS25 969532
Sgurr Dubh 2566ft/782m OS25 979558 Coire Dubh car park 5-8 hours
Ruadh-stac Beag 2940ft/896m OS19 973614
Meall a'Ghiubhais 2910ft/887m OS19 976634 Aultroy Visitor Centre 6-9 hours
Beinn Dearg 2998ft/914m OS19/24/25 895608 Coire Mhic Nobuil car park 6-9 hours
Baosbheinn 2871ft/875m OS19 871654
Beinn an Eoin 2805ft/855m OS19 905646 A832 (857721) 7-10 hours
The Dundonnell and Fisherfield Hills
Name Height Map Grid Ref Access point Time per group
Beinn Lair 2821ft/860m OS19 982732 Poolewe 8-10 hours
Beinn Airigh Charr 2595ft/791m OS19 930762 Poolewe 5-7 hours
Beinn a'Chaisgein Mor 2812ft/857m OS19 983785 Poolewe 10-12 hrs
Creag Rainich 2647ft/807m OS19/20 096751 A832 Loch a'Bhraoin 4-6 hours
Beinn Dearg Mor 2985ft/910m OS19 032799
Beinn Dearg Bheag 2690ft/820m OS19 020812 Car park at Corrie Hallie 9-12 hours
Sail Mhor 2516ft/767m OS19 033887 Ardessie 4-6 hours
Fannichs and Ullapool Hills
Name Height Map Grid Ref Access point Time per group
Little Wyvis 2506ft/764m OS20 430635 A835 (412673) 4-6 hours
Beinn Liath Mhor a'Ghiubhais Li 2513ft/766m OS20 281713 A835 (278743) 3-5 hours
Carn Chuinneag 2749ft/838m OS20 484833 Glencalvie Lodge 5-8 hours
Beinn a'Chaisteil 2581ft/787m OS20 370801 A835 Black Bridge 6-8 hours
Carn Ban 2772ft/845m OS20 238875 A835 Black Bridge 4-6 hours
Beinn Enaiglar 2916ft/889m OS20 225805 A835 Braemore Junction 7-10 hours